Our Vision

We want to make Reiki available to patients at St George’s Hospital (University of London) in Tooting.

In line with the Fund’s work, our first goal is to introduce Reiki to St George’s to support patient care. Our secondary purpose is to generate new knowledge about the role of Reiki through research.

Our Reiki Practitioners

Learn more about the Reiki practitioner team at St George’s by viewing their profiles here

Becoming a Reiki partner

During 2016-19, we have built a team of six practitioners at St George’s, two of whom are in the final stages of their 6-month clinical induction training. Within the first phase of the project the intention is to recruit up to eight people – four pairs of highly experienced Reiki practitioners. While having eight practitioner allows for reasonable holiday and sickness cover, the plan is to offer Reiki every day of the week (min. Monday to Friday) to treat patients during four-hour sessions at the hospital (ideally 1pm – 5 pm).

All practitioners wishing to become a Reiki partner in this process will

  • have been initiated in person into traditional Usui Reiki (Level II minimum)
  • be a Verified Practitioner through one of Reiki Council’s member organisations
  • be CNHC registered
  • have a minimum of two year’s professional Reiki experience, ideally within a clinic or related setting, and have evidence of CPD
  • hold, or be willing to attain, a recognisable qualification in anatomy and physiology (minimum level 3) prior to commencing at St George’s
  • have valid insurance

All Reiki practitioners will undergo a six-month clinical induction period with mentors from Full Circle’s award winning therapy team at St George’s.

Posts will be advertised via CNHC and other channels as necessary. Recruitment protocol will include formal panel interviews for successful applications.

[Opportunities for practising Reiki at other hospital locations under the auspices of Full Circle | Connecting Reiki with Medicine will be announced as they come up but terms may differ from what is in place for St George’s.]

Personal attributes

You’re the person who remains calm and grounded. You can explain and promote Reiki clearly and simply so that this easy-to-use technique can promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing as it is introduced into the wards.

Practitioner Support

You will start as a volunteer with a minimum six-month comprehensive induction and mentoring process. You will learn best practice, and gain the practical and clinical insights you’ll need to fit into hospital life.  Upon successful completion of the six-month probationary period you will then be eligible for an honorary annual contract. This is intended to be on a sub-contracted paid basis subject to funds available to Full Circle.

Ideally, you will plan to commit at least three years to this project, which will ensure continuity and underpin its success. The host NHS Hospital Volunteer and HR Departments will undertake your DBS application (Disclosure and Barring Service, formerly CRB) and Occupational Health Clearances at the request of Full Circle Fund Therapies.

The host Hospital does not undertake any other commitment to the project or the members recruited to it.
This project echoes and applauds the values stated by The Full Circle Fund: always to be “excellent, kind, responsible and respectful”.

Watch Our Video

“This is a rare opportunity which represents immense value for anyone who is interested in working with Reiki in a hospital setting, and who is drawn to contribute to important case studies and research. These could lead to the understanding of how Reiki can work with medicine.”

Suzanne Ruggles, Founder Director, Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity

“The Reiki Association is delighted to support the Reiki practitioners who are participating in the Full Circle initiative at St George’s. Our hope is that the work will lead not only to more Reiki in hospitals but also to further evidence-based Reiki projects and continuing research. As funding is coming wholly from donations, we actively encourage all of us who have benefited from Reiki to contribute to the project.”

Council, The Reiki Association

“We are pleased to endorse this in-depth hospital-based clinical Reiki programme – the first of its kind in the UK – that will lead to research on the role of Reiki with medicine. We applaud Full Circle Fund Therapies and St George’s hospital in their forward thinking in providing the time, facilities and commitment to this ground-breaking initiative.

All Reiki practitioners, as well as the people we treat, stand to benefit from the building of a sound evidence base, so we are sure that many people will be happy to make a financial contribution as their part in enabling the success of this project.’”

Brenda Davies, Chair, The Reiki Council

“I am glad to see that Reiki is finding its way into St. George’s University Hospital.  For years we have worked to gain access for Reiki practitioners to be included in programs in hospital settings, and this is a good beginning towards this end.  The walls between hospital medical practice and support from Reiki seem to be softening, and I think there will be a lot gained for both parties as this initiative moves forward.  I encourage people to get involved in this project and support it any way they are able to.”

Rick Bockner, Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoho

Rick Bockner was one of the twenty-two masters to be initiated by Hawayo Takata who was the first person to bring Reiki to the western world from Japan.