Our Mission

Our aim is to introduce and research Reiki in clinical practice. This simple hands-on therapeutic system can be used on both the body and mind. There is evidence that it can help ease patients’ pain and help improve the quality of life for cancer patients by lowering levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue.

From our charity’s base at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, one of London’s leading teaching hospitals, Reiki will be introduced to St George’s as an evidence-based practice. In line with Full Circle’s ethos its progress will be continuously evaluated to support patient care.

Through our research committee, which includes medical consultants and researchers, and our established links with research institutions in the UK and elsewhere, Full Circle aims to disseminate findings of how Reiki may help in hospitals, including supporting families and children in paediatric intensive care. We will also look at how Reiki supports cancer and palliative care patients.

Your Support

Carefully selected and highly experienced Reiki practitioners will be giving their time on a voluntary basis for the first six months. Your support is urgently needed to fund their ongoing work, important data gathering and case studies.